How do you know if someone truly loves you? 10+ Signs that show someone loves you for real

Have you ever wondered if someone truly loves you the way they claimed?

What signs are you supposed to look out for that shows someone truly loves you?

When someone claims they love you, there are signs that give them away to show that they are truly in love and not just looking to waste everyone’s time.

Putting all the available signs together, one can then be sure if reciprocating the love is the right thing to do.

If true love does exist, how do you know if the person you love loves you back?

True love, first of all, comes from a place of friendship and should come naturally. This simply means that the moment you start asking yourself too many questions about their person, character, future goals and even your association with them, it might just be a sign that you’re probably not so in love. True love doesn’t question much about anything.

You don’t need to have known your partner for so long before you get that conviction, when you’re truly in love, you feel that you can work out any issue that may arise in the future. If your partner seems not to feel this way even after the two of you have spent a considerable amount of time together it could mean that they are not truly in love as you think. But be careful here, it could also mean that they sincerely need more time.

Although it is often difficult to tell, check out these 10 simple signs that show someone truly loves you below:


True love is based on sincere and open communication. You want to talk about each other’s shortcomings, excesses and even oversights. And since there is no way of knowing each other’s minds, there’s a need for proper communication for the relationship to thrive.

Someone who truly loves you will always value the need to communicate and make themselves available for this both physically and mentally.


When you do them wrong, rather than vent their anger on you immediately, a partner who truly loves you will try in their capacity to understand why you hurt them that way. They understand and share in your pain and then look for ways to remedy the situation. In this way, unnecessary fights are avoided.

However, you should not intentionally make your partner angry to test if they are empathetic. This may lead to a more serious problem which may put a strain on the relationship.


Regardless of how busy I am, if I love and care about you, I should be able to give you attention when you need it.

Yes, so many things occupy our minds daily and we are often caught up in the webs of our numerous activities that we often forget those that are dear to us. This is understandable but the thing is you don’t even need all of their time. When someone gives you attention out of their tight schedule when you need it, it is a sign that they truly love you. This little attention is enough and you too must understand and appreciate when this is given.


This could be as simple as respecting your opinion on a subject matter or acknowledging your presence in the room. When someone respects you in important areas you can think of, that’s a vital sign they truly love you.

Although it doesn’t mean they have to always take permission from you before they do certain things, they consider your input before taking certain life-changing decisions.

Giving and sharing

Every once in a while, does your partner give gifts cheerfully? Are you allowed to touch or share in their personal stuff? When others touch what belongs to them, do they react differently from when you do the same?

One way of knowing for sure that someone truly loves you is carefully observing their investment in the things you like might like especially on special occasions or important dates.


They will show interest in your growth and personal development if they truly love you. You should ask yourself: Can this person go out of their way to ensure you actualize your dream? They should be interested in helping you to build you’re your life or career in their own capacity.


You would do all that is in your power to protect that which is yours? Good!

When someone claims they love you, they’ll protect you from unruly friends and even members of your family and acquittances. As a lady for instance, if you observe a change in his countenance when your interest is being trampled upon, it is a clear sign that they love you. People protect what is of value to them.


Sometimes, even you need time to be a better person for the relationship but while you’re striving at it, how tolerant are they at your excesses?

To a considerable extent, someone who truly loves you will be forgiving and tolerant. They are also aware that mistakes are inevitable, they will be willing to endure while you put in your best at getting to the level you both desire.


One way to find out if someone truly loves and cares about you is how they accept you into their life. People often get tired of others’ presence when they overstay their visit. Do they become uncomfortable when you decide to stay a little longer at their place than is planned?

Are you always welcomed or do they always have something to hide if you have to stay?

When someone claims to love you, they accept you completely for who you are and they make other people around them do the same.


Be careful here. Someone might be trying hard to have you all to themselves. This just shows how much they love you and are willing to be with you. Do not mistake this for obsession. A person that is obsessed with you will not give you breathing space, they’ll be unreasonable in most of their actions towards you, this is not love.

So, a person who truly loves you might show some signs of jealousy but when this is becoming annoyingly uncomfortable for you, you know it’s no longer love but an obsession.


It can be a bit difficult to completely understand what it truly takes to be in love. When you are able to tell the difference between mere admiration and sincere love, the job is almost done.

Other things to look out for includes their openness. They will tell you almost everything about them without holding back. Consider Samson and Delilah as a case study.

In summary, the signs above can greatly help you know If someone truly loves you and you should keep such a person who genuinely shows all of them.

Author: Sola Legend

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