How to Improve Relationship Between Parent and Child

How can parents nurture and improve special bonds or relationships with their children?

Parenting encompasses several responsibilities, including being accountable for the life of another individual and providing them with everything they require. It never stops with making sure kids attend the best school, wear the best clothes, and have the latest electronics in town.

Have you ever sat down and had a heart-to-heart with your child? Have you delved into that little man’s mind? Do you know what his greatest fear is? What is his favourite hobby?

How does a parent improve the relationships between themselves and their children?

Children, like adults, have distinct feelings, they get angry, they are very emotional and they require someone to confide in.

They are innocent and it is quite easy to become friends with them, thus finding a friend in you as their parent is the first and most crucial step in cultivating that relationship with your children. This article includes more information about developing a special bond with your child.

Show Love Often

Every child needs love and every parent must be able to give it. One easy way to achieve this is to say the words “I love you” to them as often as possible. It must be so obvious that you mean it.

Children are smart and they learn quite fast from the things that you do and show them. Therefore, it is a necessary requirement for the parent to also show love to other people around them.

Spend Quality Time With Your Child

You might be wondering how this is possible given that your child has to go to school and you have a job as well. Consider going on a weekend date or simply playing a game with them.

Be available at their little functions such as a school-organised event, their birthday celebrations. Take them out on surprise-outing. Children enjoy it when you want to spend time with them, especially when you are doing their favourite things, make this a tradition and watch how your child’s face lights up every time.

Show Empathy

Children need that assurance that they have a father who knows their pain or a mother who truly understands the discomfort they are going through. Remember they learn very fast even from your reaction whenever they come crying. How you handle their complaints in previous times will greatly determine their confidence in opening up their mind to you as they grow up.

Have Conversations with Them

You would be amazed how much knowledge you will learn from random talks with your child, try not to be judgmental while you are having it. It is better if you just listen and only respond when they ask for it. Schedule these chats with kids, they can be about school, their friends or anything else that applies to children in general. This can also assist you in determining whether your child is being abused outside the home so that you can take appropriate action.

Motivate Your Child

When your children participate in a competition, tell them how amazing they are and that this is only the beginning of their adventures. When they achieve that feat, whether it is finishing first in class or winning a race during sports, encourage them by saying kind words. This will motivate them to constantly give their all when faced with a challenge.

Reward Them For Participation

Everyone enjoys receiving gifts, whether they work for it or not. Children are especially excited when you reward them for doing something as simple as answering all of the questions on their homework correctly. A bowl of ice cream or a chocolate bar is a good reward for finishing their responsibilities. Most of the time, you would not need to ask before they help because they’d be thrilled to get recognized for their efforts.

Be Very Observant

Keep a close eye on them and convey your concern for their well-being. When you sense a shift in their demeanour, ask if there is anything you can do to help. Assure them that you care about them both verbally and physically, this will help them to understand that they are cherished.


Parenting is not an easy job nor does it come with a description. Most parents learn on the job. If you are determined to get better at it and improve on any existing relationship, consider adding the seven steps above to your daily guide. Other things you can do include doing some common basic things such as eating and playing together.

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