How to Build Long-Lasting Friendships

How To Build Long-Lasting Friendships

Brenda had this circle of friends when she was in high school. They made her time in school wonderful, but when it was time to graduate, It meant that the possibilities of this friendship ending were great.

They were all separated, some of them even had to relocate due to college, no one made a conscious effort to reconnect and the friendship broke off.

Now that she has made it into the corporate world, she has been able to create a solid network of like-minded individuals with whom she wants to keep a long-term, healthy relationship because she now understands how important it is.

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Like Brenda, if you want to find out ways to sustain your friendships, check out these tips on building long-lasting friendships.

Be emotionally intelligent: Emotional intelligence encompasses a wide range of skills, including controlling your emotions in relation to the emotions of others, as well as being observant and knowing how to assist your friends in times of need. When you’re empathetic, you always know how to step in for individuals you care about, assuring them that they’re in safe hands.

Be honest: Friends find it easy to confide in one another, so it is natural for your friend to seek your advice on how to handle a difficult circumstance. Regardless of how much you care about your friend and do not want to jeopardize your friendship, always tell them the truth, especially if they are wrong in that case. If they need to make amends, talk to them about it and make sure they follow through.

Spend time together: If you work for the same company or if your offices are close to each other, you can share a lunch break. Spending time with your pals on picnics or shopping sprees, or anything else shows them that you are constantly on their side. It can also help you keep up with what’s going on in each of your lives if you live far apart. You can always call to check in on them or simply keep up with them on any of the social media platforms.

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Be a cheerleader: Your friend is hosting a seminar for girl child sensitization, and you arrive at the venue to surprise her with a bouquet of flowers. You wait through the seminar and find yourself in the middle of the audience, clapping and cheering on your friend. This is something that can make your friend emotional, and they will remember it for the rest of their lives. There are plenty of other examples that you can use to demonstrate your love for them and your support for their dream.

Have an attitude of gratitude: You can show your appreciation for your friend by sending them meals while they are at work, choosing a random gift for them or writing them a beautiful note recognizing the great qualities they possess. Thanking them in this manner demonstrates that you appreciate your friendship and have made an effort to demonstrate it.

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