15 Ways to show your wife that you still love and care about her

How do you let your wife know that you still care?

Few years into your marriage and it now appears like the little things that used to matter before are beginning to not matter anymore.

You take a quick look at the near future and you’re already imagining worse. How do you let your wife know that even though responsibilities both at work and in the family have become much higher, you’re still that caring and loving husband she married a few years ago? That you’re still a sweet soul?

  1. Give her your listening ear: It is important to find time daily to listen to your wife speak her little inner thoughts. Most times they know how busy and tired you have been from the day’s activities and are also willing to keep conversations short and simple.
  2. Tell her your worries too: Men will always be men but you can show your wife that she matters in your life too by sharing some of the issues that bother you with her.
  3. Consciously sing her praises: Thanking your wife for the good things you have noticed her do will go a long way in keeping trouble away from your home. Every once in a while, let her know that you don’t take her efforts for granted and sing her some praises in appreciation.
  4. Be deliberate with sweet words: A sweet word from the right mouth can be intoxicating. Sweet words like “You are the best”, “You are so beautiful”, and “I bless the day I found you” when deliberately spoken with the right intentions would show that you still love and care so much for your wife.
  5. Eating: You should make out time to eat together with your wife. This strengthens the bond between the two of you and should be done as often as possible.
  6. Bathing: Time may not always permit but having your bath together with your wife is considered romantic and should be encouraged if you can.
  7. Laundry: You should help with the laundry too. Most men leave this to their wives and can be overwhelming as the case may be. Even with a washing machine, a way of showing that you still care is rendering that little “assist“. You can tell her to take a break while she watches you do it.
  8. Sit and watch the program: If she has a special program on the TV, be romantic, sit with her sometimes. Watch the program with her even if it’s a little boring to you, afterall, it’s once in a blue moon!
  9. Visit her parents: One other way to show that you still love your wife is by showing that you still cherish her family. Her parents will also be glad to know that they’re also still of importance to you.
  10. Buy her gifts: We cannot overemphasise this! I mean who doesn’t love gifts? Watch her smile as you present her that precious gift. You should make this an habit if you can afford it regularly.
  11. Take her out: If you can make out the time out of your busy schedule sometimes to take her out, she’ll have it at the back of her mind that if you have more time you’ll definitly do more. With this she knows for certain that you still have her in mind as a darling.
  12. Remember important dates: Women don’t joke with important dates. Infact most times they’ll pretend like they completely forgot to see if you’ll remember. Don’t joke with her birthday or that of her children. Don’t joke with anniversary dates either. To avoid unnecessary drama that may go on for years, keep the very important dates in mind, write them down if you have to. As the date approaches, set reminders on your phone or any other device for this purpose.
  13. Value her time: Time is a precious commodity, always value her time.
  14. Value her space: Whether you have a big apartment or you’re still managing the one you have, a woman will always like to have her own space and this is normal. Don’t take her makeup kits off of the table because you want to use it. Take permission from her even if it’s urgent. Value and respect her space.
  15. Respect her presence: We often get carried away when we are in the company of friends or other people and tend to completely ignore that she is around. This won’t be fair even to you. Mind what you say or do when she’s there. Don’t say things that’ll make your wife feel less of herself. Also, watch how the presence of others makes her feel and deliberately do something about it.


We often get lost in our day-to-day activities so much that we forget to care for those around us. A man will forget his woman because his job is only leaving out very little time for him to attend to personal things. But when you become conscious of how your wife needs you, what do you do from there? Take note of the few ideas above, they could save you from a pending heartbreak someday.

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